Ranking MTV's Teen Moms

Back in the heyday of Super Mom June Cleaver, the young ladies of MTV's Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 would probably have been shunned and sent away for a year to, uh, visit an aunt in New York or something.

But in 2011, getting pregnant and having a baby before high school graduation is enough to make the right teenager a celebrity if MTV chooses to document the journey. The eight girls featured in the two reality shows are atop the pop culture food chain, often gracing the cover of tabloids -- all because they failed to use birth control.

With Mother's Day this weekend, it seemed like a good time to look at what the upcoming generation has to offer, so we're ranking the Teen Moms from worst to best. If we were babies, here's who we'd want -- or wouldn't want, in some cases -- to be our Teen Mom.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

8. Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)

It's hard to decide which is Jenelle's best maternal quality: Her hard-partying ways, multiple arrests, or what seems like complete disregard of her son, Jace. Hanging out with Kieffer -- her jobless, homeless, freeloading boyfriend -- is higher on the priority list than Jace, which is part of the reason her (nutso) mother has custody of him. No. Thank. You.

7. Amber (Teen Mom)

Being raised by a impatient, aggressive mother who has an explosive temper and regularly punches daddy sounds like a dream come true! Oh, wait. She just released some naked pictures, too? Holy smokes, where do we sign up?

6. Catelynn (Teen Mom)

Catelynn gave up baby Carly for adoption so we know nothing of her parenting skills, but we totally respect her for making that gut-wrenching decision. And, in her case, it was probably a shrewd move because A) her family is completely dysfunctional and financially unstable and B) her boyfriend's father is also Catelynn's step-father, which we find creepy and just a liiiiiittle too close for comfort. We'll take a pass on this.

5. Farrah (Teen Mom)

Farrah struggled to handle her responsibility during the first season, but she came around in her most recent episodes. Still, her baby's father is deceased and her own mother was arrested last year for choking and punching Farrah, so it's not like she's got a great deal of help. We're really rooting for Farrah, but we'd feel more comfortable with ...

4. Chelsea (Teen Mom 2)

Chelsea's got a great support system and is super active with her daughter, Aubree, taking the tot on all manner of adventures. Chelsea's father pays for her to live in a spacious rental house, so money does not appear to be an issue like it is with other Teen Moms. But Aubree's dad, Ryan, has more interest in playing video games than he does his daughter, or getting a job for that matter. He scoffs when Chelsea asks him to perform any fatherly duties, and isn't afraid to start a screaming match in front of his young daughter.  Until she kicks Ryan to the curb for good, she'll sit midway down our list.

3. Kailin (Teen Mom 2)

Kailin hasn't ever had an easy go of things, and it got worse since the rough break-up with her baby-daddy, Jo. Still, she is a tough cookie -- a caring, attentive mother, who is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure baby Isaac's needs are met. Kailin is an underdog, but we're betting on her to win.

2. Leah (Teen Mom 2)

Bless Leah's country-bumpkin heart. The only thing that's harder than being a first-time parent is being one with TWO babies. Somehow, Leah not only holds it together, but takes great care of her twin daughters, one of whom was experiencing developmental problems at the end of last season. Although she recently filed for divorce, Leah and the twins' father, Corey, are both remarkable, caring parents whether they're together or not. Both sets of grandparents are around, so there's lots of love (and help) to go around here.

1. Maci (Teen Mom)

Mothering seemed to come naturally to Maci, who is kind, responsible and mature beyond her years. She has almost always put little Bentley first, even if it meant sacrificing something she wanted or needed. (Trust us, that's not something you see a lot of on 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom.) We can see Maci defying the odds to have a vibrant, high-powered career, all while being an excellent parent. While Jenelle makes us weep for the future, we'd be absolutely proud to call Maci 'Mom,' regardless of her age.