The Hangover 3, 4, 5, & 6

Sure enough, The Hangover Part II steamrolled the Memorial Day competition at the box office. The first film set records as the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time, so it only makes sense that the follow-up adheres rather strictly to the original’s blueprints. In the interest of helping Todd Phillips and friends while they count up their dough, we’ve cooked up a few more can’t-miss scenarios for further black-out shenanigans and record-breaking weekends.

The Hangover: Part 3-D (2013) – Alan’s parents split up after Dad (Jeffrey Tambor) is caught cheating on his wife with a harlot (Lindsay Lohan), so the distraught Alan takes his pals to Orlando on Dad’s dime. They all bring along, and promptly lose, their families after the guys drink their way around EPCOT’s World Showcase, and so they pair off to see if they can find them at the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and the Holy Land Experience before their flight is due to depart. The roller coasters and water attractions will make for many flying fluids in the 3-D format, Alan will befriend a walrus, Stu will end up literally crucified, and Phil will remain inexplicably unharmed. As it turns out, their wives and kids have been at the nearby outlet stores this entire time.

The Hang4ver (2015) – The guys all reunite in Vegas for Mr. Chow’s funeral (he’s really dead this time), and after they decide to have one last drink in his honor, they wake up in Reno (!) with a kidnapped child (!!) and what appears to be a resurrected Chow, but is actually Chow’s twin brother (also played by Ken Jeong), handily heretofore unknown to both the characters and the audience. However, it turned out that the original Chow owed Mr. Mike Tyson a whole lot of money, and he doesn’t care which one actually pays him back. The gang decides to hold the kid for ransom, but as it turns out, it’s the baby from the first film, the son of Jade (a returning Heather Graham). They bring him back to Vegas, and in return, Jade calls on all of her stripper friends to chip in and bail the guys out of Tyson’s debt.

The Final Hangover (2017) – So it looks like Alan has finally found himself a soul mate (fellow Comedian of Comedy Maria Bamford), but since she’s a climatologist stationed in Antarctica, Stu, Phil, and Doug have to schlep their way down to the South Pole with a priest (Cam Gigandet, recovering from a DTV slump) in tow. Wouldn’t you know it, they wake up from a hot cocoa break two days later, with Alan’s bride-to-be lost to the elements, a tap-dancing penguin found, half of the camp destroyed, and Wilford Brimley freaking the f—k out about how none of them can possibly leave. The bleak ending -- involving an axe-wielding Alan muttering politically incorrect non sequiturs to himself in an empty camp -- and ensuing word of mouth result in a disappointing $185 million opening weekend.

The Hangover: The Early Years (2019) – For the franchise’s 10th anniversary, we go back to the beginning … pre-school! As it turns out, Alan, Phil, Stu, and Doug go way back. The first day of school, these guys get together at juice time, but they suddenly find themselves awaking from their afternoon nap with no clue what happened over the past hour. Teddy is missing (not Hangover II Teddy, an actual teddy bear), the cubby holes have been seriously vandalized, and not one of them can explain where this seeing eye dog came from. Eventually, they put the letter blocks together and relocate the stuffed animal (in the teacher’s desk, taken away due to their drunken post-juice behavior) just before their parents come to pick them up.