Family Feud Friday: You Deserve To Feel Smart Today

Sometimes in life, it's important to sit back and appreciate the gifts that have been bestowed upon you. Your brain, for instance.

At no time is it easier to do just that than during an episode of Family Feud, the game show where the world's worst answers are met with cheers from of support from kinfolk.

We've taken the liberty of culling the most idiotic answers from the past few weeks and bundling them into a little package for you. Because hey, you deserve to feel smart today.

FF: Name something you hope doesn't stop working when you're riding on it.

A: Your heart.

You know, the last time I was riding my heart to the grocery store, I was worried because the Check Engine light came on. Thankfully, I made it in one piece.

FF: At what age does someone's sex drive begin to dwindle?

A: 18

Um, perhaps the kids from Teen Mom?

FF: Name something a person sells on the street.

A: "What's up!"

I don't even know what this means, but at least the guy's family had the good sense not to shout out "Good answer! Good answer!"

FF: Name a sport where people wear gloves.

A: Badminton.

Now, mind you, this was not a circumstance in which all the logical answers were taken. The only other answer that had been offered thus far was 'baseball.'

FF: Name something that might accidentally hit you when you're walking in the park.

A: A car.

I know, right? I feel like I'm ALWAYS dodging motor vehicles when strolling on paths through the park!

FF: Name something with claws.

A. Squirrels!

Oh, yes. Vicious, vicious squirrels and their talons of death.

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