SNL Is Bringing Sexy Back

If you remember any Saturday Night Live from the last two and a half seasons (that is, post-Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin), it's probably the outing hosted by Justin Timberlake in May 2009, which is best known for the Digital Short in which JT and Andy Samberg suggested a very X-rated way of celebrating Mother's Day.

Timberlake, a longtime friend of SNL, has been tapped to serve as host for its season finale on May 21, which will hopefully send what has been a mediocre at best season out on a strong note. And SNL is sparing no expense with the musical guest either: Lady Gaga is returning to the show for a second time, just days ahead of the release of her already mega-hyped CD.

Dare we hope for some kind of musical team-up for Gaga and Timberlake? Make it happen, Lorne Michaels!