Six Movies That Could Disappoint This Summer

As we're well aware, every summer brings highly anticipated movie after highly anticipated movie. But never are they all as fantastic as we hope they'll be. While I absolutely enjoyed Iron Man 2last year, I know I was in the minority. And let's not forget Spider-Man 3, released in 2007, which even I, one who loves all, can admit was awful. So which movies this summer will cause us to awkwardly leave the theater, talking about anything BUT the film we just saw in an attempt to avoid admitting it was leagues worse than we were expecting? Or, to look at it from a slightly more optimistic place, which movies should we start lowering our expectations for now, so as to fully enjoy them once we're in the theater?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Be honest - did the trailer really get anyone all that excited? The only good part of the second movie is when Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp kiss, I didn't see the third, and while I hope this one matches the first, I'm not entirely convinced it will even come close. Which is why I'm not in any sort of rush to see it. I'm anticipating disappointment more than I'm anticipating the movie itself. Not good.

Captain America

Captain America

Holding out high hopes for this one as well, decidedly higher than Pirates, but as much as I am looking forward to it, I am also just as nervous that it will turn out too cheesy and lack a necessary gravitas. I hope not. I love classic Joe Johnston. LOVE. But his recent work hasn't left anyone all that confident, so there is still that nagging part of me that is worried. Plus, most of the comic insiders I've chatted with recently are now convinced about and ecstatic for the previously questionable Green Lantern, while Cap has yet to assuage those fears and is starting to take over as the biggest question mark of the summer.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

First of all, lame for using the name Dark of the Moon. The play with which it shares a title is no doubt much better than what this piece of torture will be. I'm not sure how one could be "disappointed" with a movie so destined to be awful (despite what anyone who has been in the editing bay may have said), but somehow I was disappointed with Revenge of the Fallen. Yes, I actually mildly enjoyed the first Transformers film when I saw it, and foolishly thought I would receive the same treatment with ROTF. Instead, I wanted to stab out my eyeballs and consequently wrote 86 million articles about how much I hated that series of incomprehensible clips pasted together and labeled a movie. As far as I'm concerned, for the Transformers fans, Transformers 3 will disappoint if it doesn't improve upon the last one. For the people who hate these movies, Transformers 3 will disappoint if it makes a lick of sense or has any redeeming value. A lose lose situation for everyone involved. Except Michael Bay and Paramount who will make a load of money regardless.

Bad Teacher

I was looking forward to this until I discovered who wrote it. The writers' only other movie credit? Year One. Expectations lowered.

The Hangover II

Have you seen the trailer? I don't know, man. I just don't know. There's only so much rehashing of the same exact thing you can do before it gets stale. I don't see lightening striking twice here.

X-Men: First Class

I'm crossing my fingers that this movie is going to be amazing, but considering the fact that there has been almost no marketing, especially to fans, plus reports of behind the scenes turmoil, I'm becoming increasingly concerned. This movie SHOULD be amazing. So why is no one from the studio acting like it is? Here is a situation where I am trying desperately to lower my expectations now, just to make sure I'm not heartbroken come June 3. Ugh. Please don't be anything but spectacular, X-Men: First Class. I beg of you.

Which movies do you think we start lowering our expectations for now? Any movies I give a pass that you think will be a complete disaster? It'll certainly be interesting to see how this summer plays out. All I know is not everything can be stellar. But at least if we manage our expectations, everything can be enjoyable. Except Transformers 3.