Dancing With The Stars: Who Keeps Voting For Kendra?

Given the mostly miserable history of models on Dancing With the Stars, Petra Nemcova did OK to make it through five weeks of Season 12, especially considering the lingering effects of the injuries she suffered in the 2004 tsunami. Nemcova and partner Dmitry Chaplin were dropped from the show on Tuesday, leaving seven dancers remaining.

Nemcova’s departure wasn’t a surprise, despite the protests of judge Len Goodman, who weirdly barked that neither she nor Chris Jericho deserved to be in this week’s “Bottom Two” even though she had tied for the lowest score on Monday’s show. Her fate was pretty well sealed once Kendra Wilkinson had been announced as safe. The tough part about the result is that while Kendra has proven to be a giant pill, Petra was by all accounts one of the nicest contestants to ever appear on DWTS, someone who was happy just to have a platform to promote her causes for a few weeks.

What was most interesting about the results show, other than Brooke Burke’s Medusa-like hair, was the news that recently ousted American Idol contestant Pia Toscano is going to perform on DWTS next Tuesday, while alleged new boyfriend Mark Ballas dances. This sort of ABC-Fox cross-promotion between the two heavyweights of network reality would have been impossible in previous years, given that they used to directly compete on Tuesdays (remember how quickly rumors were shot down about Paula Abdul somehow being able to do both shows). It’s like the Cold War thawing, except now everyone is wearing sequins and high heels (and Chelsie Hightower, we learned on Tuesday, may or may not be wearing a bra).