HBO Renews Game of Thrones After One Episode

Bring on the swords and flagons of mead! Despite some fears that it might be a little dense and unfamiliar for casual viewing, Sunday's premiere of Game of Thrones scored well enough in the ratings that HBO is already renewing it for a second season.

The action-fantasy based on the novels of George R.R. Martin had 2.2 million watching the first airing, and 4.2 million overall for the night including repeat airings. That's notably less than the numbers for the last big HBO premiere, Boardwalk Empire, but that show was set in a recognizable reality (1920 Atlantic City) and contained some real historical figures in its cast. The hope is that the new series can build on its current cult following.

The renewal for Game of Thrones continues the recent winning streak for HBO, which hasn't had a high-profile failure since the dual disasters of John From Cincinnati and Tell Me You Love Me in 2007.