Teen Mom 2 Star Files For Divorce, Surprising No One

Though Leah Messer seemed to have doubts about marrying her babies-daddy Corey Simms during the season finale of MTV's Teen Mom 2, she went ahead with it anyway.  Now, she's probably wishing she'd have followed her instincts.

Last week, the mother of twin girls filed for divorce, and TM2 viewers are scratching their heads in amazement that the nuptials even lasted six months.

"Everything Corey and I have done has happened so fast," Messer recently told Us Weekly.

You're telling us!

Within one year, the couple started dating -- it was a rebound relationship for Leah -- then had twins together, and broke up after their birth. When the babies were about six months old, Messer, 18, and Simms, a 20-year-old water distributor operator, reconciled, moved in together and got married shortly thereafter.

"I didn't want to jump into something else and be like, 'Oh, s**t! What did we do?'" said Messer, whose daughters are now 16 months old. "Three years ago, back before I was pregnant, I never thought I'd be married now. I was scared because a lot of people who marry young end up divorcing within a year."

True, the odds probably weren't working in their favor. But pile on top of that TWO babies -- one of which suffered from some developmental issues -- and two duo had a rough from the start.

Friends of the couple hope they can work things out. A source tells Us:  "They are not in a good place right now. Their friends are hoping they find a way to make it work."

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