Celebrity Apprentice: Gary Busey Flies A Kite

Let's face it: It was only a matter of time before Gary Busey was sent packing on The Celebrity Apprentice. There was no way in hell the  disheveled actor was gonna win this thing, a fact that could not have been more obvious than his most recent attempt as project manager.

Country singer John Rich summed it up best by saying: "We have been locked in a room with a madman."

Therefore, it's probably not surprising that the most recent Gary Busey Crazy Moment(s) of the Week is brought to you by the madman himself.

In a task to showcase Omaha Steaks' various products, the teams were charged with creating three different meals for three special occasions.

During a brief meeting with Omaha Steaks executives, Busey asked the first pertinent questions that would come to anyone's mind: "Is the slaughtering done in a certain way? Do you buy (meat) from Arizona?"

In hindsight, however, that actually made more sense than anything that would transpire thereafter, particularly during their presentation. Busey was in charge of delivering speeches that made you want to buy Omaha Steaks, especially for particular event. His first spiel was for an anniversary meal:

"The anniversary meal is a loving connection for soul mates. It's a time when you get together and remember when you fell in love for the first time."

OK, not a bad start...

"The anniversary meal, because of the flavor and power of the Omaha Steak in your stomach and on your taste buds and after you eat, the digestion is clean..."

Ahhh, digestion. Just what everyone wants to think about while spending a romantic evening with their significant other.

But touching on the potential digestive ramifications of eating red meat on one's anniversary night was, like, the Best Idea Ever compared to his narration of a Father's Day meal. He spun a long-winded tale about two children cooking dad steaks for their dad. He went on to explain that their real gift to him was not the steak itself, but a gigantic kite bearing the Omaha Steaks logo, which billowed over the neighborhood for all to see and envy.

Needless to say, nobody knew what the hell he was talking about. That, plus several other managerial blunders, lost his team the challenge.

In the board room, Meatloaf was reduced to a stuttering fool because he was so frustrated with Busey's lack of, well, everything. Lil Jon said that Busey "had been orbiting in space for the past few days" and was not here on Earth with the rest of us.

At that point, Trump had no choice but to dismiss the bumbling mess of a human being from the show.

And as Busey rode away in the limo, he left viewers with these words of wisdom: " I can turn a thunderstorm and a tornado into a rainbow, and I'm flying over the rainbow tonight."

Yeah, you are, Gary. Probably on a big ol' kite.