Real Housewives of NYC: Sonja Turns Narcissist

Tip: If you want people to take notice of your event, don't get The Real Housewives of New York City involved.

Sure, camera crews may show up, but these ladies have a long history of taking over fashion shows, charity balls and the like with their self-centered bickering. Marriage Equality New York was the latest victim of their egocentricity, as the 'wives -- who were purportedly there to support the cause -- spent more time arguing at the rally/march than they did paying attention to what was going on.

The topic of the ruckus? Sonja agreed to Grand Marshal the parade, but only on the condition that she was the sole person from the Real Housewives crew to take the stage -- which meant the organizers sent Simon and Alex packing from the podium. And Simon had worn his special sequined rainbow jacket and everything!

Sonja also held a party at her house, where she and Alex continued their blowout. Sonja later unveiled a portrait of herself, and everyone had to pretend it was super flattering.

The other Housewives were all pretty secondary this week, but they orbited around the mayhem and added some tidbits here and there.

Look at me, look at me! Oh, sorry. I mean look at them:

Annie Wersching

SONJA (112)

-- Sonja was asked to speak at the MENY Wedding March. As the ladies get ready to go together -- they are all wearing wedding dresses, FYI -- she brags repeatedly that it is "her day"  and that she's so glad her friends are there to support her (-3)

-- At the event, it's revealed that Sonja allegedly usurped the speaking gig of Alex's hubby, Simon (-4)

-- Right before she is due to speak to thousands of people and tries to collect her thoughts, Alex and Simon drill her about her selfishness (-3)

-- We love Sonja and want to side with her, but she keeps skirting around the issue. Even though she denies having demanded all the attention for herself, we're not buying it (-4)

-- Her artist boy toy is painting a portrait of her. She looks at it midway through, and she hates it because she thinks it makes her face look old and her boobs look saggy (-5)

-- Has an art party for her friend-with-bennies, at which her painting will be unveiled for all to admire. Someone is awfully self-important this season, no? (-3)

-- Alex arrives at her house. The two pretend they want to patch things up, but then Sonja takes a jab at Simon and it's on! (-2)

-- Sonja says several times that it's "her night" and that Alex needs to let it go until another time. I guess every day is Sonja Day on her calendar (-3)

-- Sonja kicks Alex out, but not before causing a huge ruckus. We love the drama, but what happened to the fun, easy-going Sonja from last season? (-5)

Net gain/loss: -32

Current total: 80

Annie Wersching

ALEX (84)

-- Came up with the idea for the Housewives to wear wedding dresses to the marriage equality march. She claims it's a sentimental move, but we suspect it's to draw even more attention to themselves because, hey, a camera crew just isn't enough sometimes (-4)

-- Seems to resent Sonja's role as Grand Marshal of the parade and makes no effort to hide her jealousy, even though she purports that everyone should stay focused on THE CAUSE (-3)

-- Since she and Simon were supposedly booted from speaking due to Sonja, they attack her for several minutes before she's set to deliver her speech and ignore the events going on around them. It is a really special way to show her support and respect for the cause (-4)

-- After rattling Sonja before her engagement, Alex rips what she had to say (-2)

-- We don't mean to beat a dead horse so early in the season, but honestly, Simon. We'd have rather seen you naked than laid eyes upon that horrible rainbow-stripe, cropped tuxedo jacket And trust us when we say this: We DON'T want to see you naked (-8)

-- After the parade, Alex and Simon have the group over to their place, and Alex invites Simon to give his speech. They caused such a huge stink, I expected to hear the world's most magnificent oration. Instead, I wish I had gone to the kitchen for a cup of tea (-3)

-- Simon jokes (wink, wink) that he loves men, too (+2)

-- Alex goes to Sonja's art soiree, and lays into her about what happened at the march. As we've learned from the NYC 'wives, a huge party is always the best place to have it out (-3)

-- Instead of succinctly trying to make her point, she comes off like a crazed, rabid animal. Sonja boots her out of the house, and Alex walks the street talking on her cell phone (-5)

Net gain/loss: -30

Current total: 54

Annie Wersching

KELLY (101)

-- You know it's a bad day in Housewife Land when Kelly is the voice of reason. But there Kelly was, at the wedding march, trying to get the others to stop their brouhaha: "We are embarrassing ourselves." (+4)

-- Ramona doesn't invite Kelly to sit at her table at a Gucci charity event, but Kelly gets an invite from Mr. Gucci himself. Take that, Ramona! (+4)

-- Goes on about how she and Ramona don't get along because Ramona is SO much older than her (-2)

Net gain/loss: +6

Current total: 107

Annie Wersching


-- Doesn't invite Kelly to the Gucci charity event because she didn't want Kelly to embarrass her (-2)

-- Turns out Kelly got a private invite from the head cheese himself. Who's embarrassed now, Ramona? (-3)

-- Calls Kelly a wackadoo, which makes us miss Bethenny (+3)

Net gain/loss: -2

Current total: 86

CINDY (108)

-- Asks her brother about the wedding he attended the previous weekend, but won't shut up long enough for him to answer (-3)

-- Gets a little taste of what she signed up for when she walks in to Sonja's place and sees Sonja and Alex screaming at each other (-3)

Net gain/loss: -6

Current total: 102

Annie Wersching

LUANN (107)

-- Makes some inane commentary in the confessional before critiquing Alex's fashion sense at Sonja's party. She was wearing "some S&M bondage thing. I would have kicked her out just for the dress." Bitchy, but funny (+1)

Net gain/loss: +1

Current total: 108

Annie Wersching

JILL (94)

-- Winds up going to the wedding march, but it sounds like she did so to prove something to Alex and Simon (-2)

Net gain/loss: -2

Current total: 92


Cindy: 108

LuAnn: 107

Kelly: 101

Jill: 92

Ramona: 86

Sonja: 80

Alex: 54