Things We Learned From Watching The Talk Today

Normally, I find The Talk fairly entertaining, but today's ep was especially chock-full o' celebrity goodness. Check it out:

1. Celebrities are kleptos.

During the opening roundtable segment, the hosts, along with guest host Jerry O'Connell, admitted to stealing various items from hotels. O'Connell and Leah Rimini copped to rounding up miniature soaps, shampoos, ketchup bottles and the like. Big whoop... we all do that, don't we?

Holly Robinson Peete upped the ante, stealing pool towels that bear her H or P initials. She also "accidentally" took a nice wrap from a recent stay in a Las Vegas hotel, but promised she was going to send it back.

But Julie Chen shocked everyone. While she never stole from a hotel, she did swipe a pretty fantastic, two-tier candlabra centerpiece from a restaurant once. She said she ordered an extra burrito, and when the waiter left, she stuffed the centerpiece into her friend's gym bag.

Really??? That's a far cry from a travel-sized face soap, Jules.

2. Jerry O'Connell took secret ballet lessons as a kid.

O'Connell said that his mom forced him and his brother to take ballet lessons once a week for three years, starting when he was about seven. They put on their leotards underneath their regular clothes and walked through their neighborhood to class. If anyone spied the extra layers, they played them off as thermal underwear. Clearly, he's no longer embarrassed about his foray into fancy footwork... Dancing With the Stars, are you listening?

3. Dean McDermott gets pedicures.

Apparently, McDermott's wifey, Tori Spelling, encouraged him to get pedicures because she thought it might make his size 14 hooves appear smaller. So that's what he does now -- only the motorcycle-racing daredevil doesn't ever opt for the clear polish. McDermott shed his shoes and socks to reveal slate gray polish on his tootsies.

Spelling then bragged that he's on top of the trends and always uses gel nail polish. Hope this guy doesn't want to ride with the Hell's Angels anytime soon.