Celebrity Apprentice: NeNe Unleashes the Beast

As huge fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've been floored that NeNe Leakes has kept her temper in check during her stint on the Celebrity Apprentice.

But last night, she earned our Gary Busey Crazy Moment of the Week title when she unleashed a no-holds-barred tirade on quiet little LaToya Jackson -- which, at that point was unnecessary, since the ladies won their challenge and there was no reason to argue. But NeNe, known for her acid tongue and big attitude, is not one to simmer down once her blood has started boiling.

After getting fed up with Jackson's questionable leadership skills during a challenge to promote Australian Gold tanning products, NeNe's frustration festered. But instead of focusing on the issues, she let loose a personal attack on Jackson after Donald Trump dismissed them from the board room, while the other women sat speechless.

"Don't you try to act like you are the reason we won because you are not!" she screamed, as Jackson stood by calmly and took it. "I worked my ass off while you sat there lookin' like Casper the Ghost."

The looks on the other ladies' faces were priceless.

"Let's be clear, Casper. The only reason you got where you have gotten this far is because of your last name. You faked it for 50 years. You are very old and you need to play your age and not 12. You are an old lady."

Ouch! NeNe does not play.

In Gary Busey news, the actor narrowly escaped firing after trying to sell himself as a pitchman to Australian Gold executives during the challenge. But the Trumpster kept him around, and we're glad, since last night's antics included beating up a wooden box, doing the robot while waiting for props to arrive and telling Australian Gold honchos that their product made him "feel sexual."

Thankfully, Big Wednesday managed to stay put.