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Conan O'Brien Can't Stop (A)

Attack the Block (B+)

The Beaver (B+)

Insidious (B+)

The Innkeepers (B)

Paul (C)

Super (C)


Potential Hits

Road Trip Videos and Rhapsody are taking you on an exclusive road trip from Silver Lake to Austin, we're going places, doing cool stuff and making friends.

The Trip Begins ...
In this episode, we make friends up in the Hollywood Hills with seasoned alt-rock vet and new bass player for the Smashing Pumpkins Nicole Fiorentino. Enjoy!

Joshua Tree
In this episode, we make friends up in the High Desert at the Joshua Tree Inn, whose rooms are named after such regular occupants as Emmylou Harris, Donovan and the Grievous Angel himself, Gram Parsons.

Las Vegas
In this episode, we make friends in a Sin City stripmall with Spencer and Brendon of Panic at the Disco.

In this episode, we get Albu-crazy high (10,000 feet up a mountain in New Mexico) with our new buddies BrokeNCYDE.

Nanna Fabricius
Danish songstress Nanna Fabricius aka Oh Land sat down with Rhapsody to chat about her musical roots, moving to the United States and her self-titled debut Oh Land.