Live From TCA: Hot In Cleveland Announces Soap Crossover

PASADENA, CA -- Leave it to Betty White to upstage the bride.

Her Hot in Cleveland co-star Valerie Bertinelli just got married on New Year's Eve -- a small affair in Malibu, Bertinelli said. About 100 guests, including Bertinelli's ex, rocker Eddie Van Halen, and their son Wolfie, 19, came together for the last-minute wedding of Bertinelli, 50, and her longtime boyfriend Tom Vitale, 49.

After a coy little exchange on stage of how-I-spent-my-holiday-weekend during the Television Critics Association press tour, Bertinelli flashed a huge sparkling diamond ring.

"Call me Sadie now," she says, a reference to an old tune about Sadie the married lady. "Just got married in Malibu."

But that news quickly got pushed aside as White started chatting. When someone mentioned how the show had legs, saucy White hiked up her pant leg and showed her gams.

And when asked who the cast thought were the sexiest women out there right now, White didn't toss out any names and then said, "Well, I guess I just like guys better."

The best news this season, according to animal lover White, is that the show will now have a dog. The pooch is a rescued Bernese Mountain dog. Now, she says, the family is complete.

This season, the TV Land hit will offer a cross-over episode with the ABC soap All My Children. The story revolves around Wendie Malick's character and her nemesis, Susan Lucci. When Victoria can't get to New York to accept her Emmy, Lucci accepts in her stead then comes to Cleveland to give it to her.

The two-part episode airs on Feb. 16 and 23. Malick then appears on All My Children on Feb. 24, playing a housekeeper fired by Lucci's character.