Movies for Hipsters

Ah, the hipster: the whipping boy of modern American pop culture. Nobody likes a hipster, especially hipsters themselves who prefer to refer to themselves as "scenesters." At its core, hipsterism is merely the attempt at being cool by adopting popular -- but not yet mainstream -- fashion, hairstyles, and taste in music and film. But identifying a hipster isn't as easy as it seems. The truth is, there are a good half-dozen classifications of different hipster types living in the wild that -- though they fall under the hipster category -- don't bear any resemblance to any other hipster in the bunch. This often causes confusion amongst those trying to talk about hipsters to someone else. And as each type of hipster varies from the next, so too does their taste in movies. So we've assembled a list of the most popular types of hipsters to help you identify them by their taste in one of their quintessential movies.

The Ironic Hipster

The Room. For the ironic hipster, life is about opposites. Looking good means looking terrible. It means nerdy glasses without frames, neon colors, and clothing three sizes too small. It means filling your house with lawn furniture and playing kickball on Saturdays. It also means loving a film so bad that it achieves epic levels of awesomeness -- like Tommy Wiseau's The Room. A movie that accidentally breaks every rule in the book, this movie is revered by the hipster set for its complete inability to do anything right at all. In order to locate such a hipster, merely call out, "Oh, hi Denny," to get a reply like, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"

The Aging Internet Hipster

Anything referenced in a Quentin Tarantino movie. "Aging Internet Hipster" is a phrase first coined by comedian Patton Oswalt to refer to a theater full of me and my friends. While our tastes are elusive and ever-changing on the whole, one need only look at our Blu-ray collections to see virtually every film Quentin has mentioned, borrowed from, or shown at one of his infamous QT Alamo Drafthouse screenings. Most everyone likes or loves at least a handful of Quentin's movies, but loving the movies he loves is a different matter entirely. It means embracing films like They Call Her One Eye, Sister Street Fighter, and Frankenstein vs. the Space Monster. And honestly, most of you just aren't ready to do that.

The SoHo Intellectual

Anything by Wes Anderson, especially The Royal Tenenbaums. The perfect amalgam of hipster ideals and money, this is the highest class and often least tolerable of the bunch. Swimming in an excess of the obscure, this hipster prizes speaking the language of the intellectual while often failing to find it in more mundane, mainstream works. These sorts of people decorate their stylish apartments with Bergman and Fassbinder posters and display their Kurosawa collections next to their racks of collectors' wines. The highbrow and generally inaccessible comedy of Wes Anderson's more self-indulgent works speaks volumes to this sort of hipster.

The Classic Hipster

Coffee and Cigarettes. The term "hipster" actually originated in the 1940s to describe the jazz-loving, dope-smoking intellectuals of the day. This group went on to spawn the beatniks, which fed into the hippies and found its resurgence as later generations discovered the works of the beat writers who turned them on to goatees, poetry, Charlie Parker, and the bongos. For them, a series of vignettes involving counterculture celebrities discussing oddball things over cups of coffee and dwindling cigarettes is comfort food for the soul, daddy-o. Jim Jarmusch's black-and-white-for-no-reason classic defines what this movement still idealizes today.

The Aggregated Hipster

The Big Lebowski. These are your hardcore Internet junkies who spend the vast majority of their days surfing sites like Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, and 4chan. While people of all walks of life use these services, for some reason the core vocal user averages out to be a dope-smoking, pro-piracy, Ron Paul-loving, bacon-eating libertarian. And they LOVE The Big Lebowski. A classic noir-style story in the vein of Raymond Chandler, The Big Lebowski is what happens when you substitute a White Russian-drinking burnout in the place of a private eye. The result is a strangely hilarious film with seemingly random comedy that comes from all angles. Oh, 'sup Reddit?