The Best Comedic Performances of 2010

While award season talk brings us chatter about the best dramatic performances of the year, often the best comedic performances get overlooked. This year, we aim to change that by taking a look at five of the funniest performances this year.

Sean Combs -- Get Him to the Greek
In the single most out-of-left-field surprise of the year, rap mogul and producer Sean "Puffy/Puff Daddy/P-Diddy" Combs proved to be the very best part of the comedy Get Him to The Greek. While Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are absolutely hilarious, every time Combs shows up on-screen he is fall-out-of-your-chair, wet-yourself funny. Even folks who didn't like the film found him to be the best part of it -- always something to strive for, especially with comedy. Who knew Puffy had it in him? Director Nicholas Stoller, apparently.

Kieran Culkin -- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Loved by geeks and nerds and ignored by almost everyone else, Scott Pilgrim is positioned to find itself on a large number of top 10 and best-of lists this season, despite a poor showing at the box office. And shining above the rest in this wonderful summation of geek counterculture is none other than Kieran Culkin, who plays Wallace Wells, the incredibly funny gay roommate of the film's namesake. Culkin had his work cut out for him -- Wallace is the counterpoint to Scott Pilgrim's oafishness. He's witty, clever, confident, successful with men and everything goes his way -- exactly the kind of character we're supposed to hate. But Culkin makes that funny time and again, stealing pretty much every scene he's in.

Nicolas Cage -- Kick-Ass
Nicolas Cage has seen something of a resurgence this past two years. He's been taking riskier, more interesting roles and, most importantly, has been experimenting with characters that aren't always supposed to be the coolest guy in the room. In Kick-Ass, he chose to play the bone-breaking, murderous vigilante Big Daddy as more of a comic homage to the 1960s Adam West Batman. According to director Matthew Vaughn, that was all Cage's idea, and it pays off. Big Daddy is hilarious, delivering deadpan dialogue and witty one-liners in a way that other actors could have flubbed, but Cage sells every time.

Rob Corddry -- Hot Tub Time Machine
Since leaving the Daily Show, Rob Corddry has had a tough time finding a place for his shtick. While he is an incredibly funny comedian, his style doesn't always mesh with many of the roles he finds himself in, and he often comes off more detestable than likable. Until Hot Tub Time Machine. Here his bit works perfectly, merging seamlessly with the goofy, who-cares-about-logic, time travel comedy. One scene in particular -- an homage to Back to the Future -- is so funny, it is hard to hear what's going on over the audience. It wasn't until I watched it on Blu-ray that I heard everything. And it was every bit as funny.

Craig Robinson -- Hot Tub Time Machine
When Rob Corddry isn't stealing the show in Hot Tub Time Machine, Craig Robinson is. Usually used in small doses as a bit character in a number of comedies, this was his chance to break out as one of the leads and showcase just what he can do. And just like Corddry, he brought his A-game, delivering time and again with some of the funniest bits of the year.