NBC Orders Mad Men-Type Show Starring Playboy Bunnies

Given the buzz and overall success of Mad Men, it's surprising that more networks haven't tried to come up with copycats. But this may be beginning to change.

Variety reports that NBC is developing a series centered around a group of women who work as Bunnies in a New York Playboy Club in the 1960s. The show will cleverly be titled Playboy, and will reportedly use the characters to reflect the changing times: the evolving role of women and the sexual revolution to come.

For the benefit of those of you too young to remember when Playboy was cutting edge -- and that would be almost everyone -- the company used to run a chain of clubs whose main attraction was women dressed in bunny outfits. An episode of Mad Men this past season showed Lane Pryce taking his father and Don Draper to a Playboy Club and introducing the men to his Bunny paramour.

Variety mentions that some other '60s-based series are in the works. ABC is working on a show about the glamour era of air travel, and Starz has an upcoming series set in late '50s-early '60s Miami.