Lindsay Lohan To Go From Rehab To Rumba?

Is there anyone in Hollywood who gets connected with more projects that never pan out than Lindsay Lohan? The latest LiLo rumor sounds like more of the same.

Like every other underemployed celebrity out there, Lohan's name has come up sporadically in connection with a potential appearance on Dancing With the Stars. The rumor has gotten a new boost thanks to, which reports that the still-rehabbing actress is negotiating with the producers. "She is definitely interested and considering being on the show," claims a source said to be close to Lohan.

The source told RadarOnline that Lohan sought the approval of her treatment team, which allegedly believes the show would help her because its schedule demands that its dancers hold to a strict routine, which would eliminate those 4 a.m. stumbles out of clubs. While there's not enough evidence to just come out and say that the source is Lindsay's ever-optimistic mother Dina, the quote that "Lindsay is working on a lot of projects; she's got a lot of positive things going on right now" sounds like textbook Mommy Dearest.

In just the last few months, Lindsay's name has been linked to a potential new Lohan family reality show, and to Celebrity Apprentice. Now there's DWtS, which would clearly be a bigger deal than those other options. But there are still reasons to believe that this rumor is a longshot.

Lohan still reportedly harbors ambitions to resume her career as an A List star of features, and the bottom line is that no one who fits that description does a reality show, even the biggest one out there. And while she is certainly famous, there's no reason to believe Lohan is at all popular with the public. A short appearance on the show a la David Hasselhoff, or gossipy reports of backstage drama (imagine the whispers if she was to miss a day of work with "exhaustion"), might leave her in even worse shape from a PR standpoint.