MTV Will Drop Snooki In Times Square On New Year's Eve

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is a native of the New York suburbs who made her name in New Jersey bars, but she's going to be hitting the big time in Manhattan this New Year's Eve.

MTV has announced that the Jersey Shore loudmouth will be placed inside a ball that will drop to ring in 2011, as the climax to its annual New Year's Bash special from Times Square. That's right: inside a ball. Snooki is short, but this is going to have to be a pretty good sized orb to fit all that hair into.

The rest of the Jersey Shore cast will also be on hand in an attempt to lead the crowd in a mass fist pump, with the goal of setting a Guinness world record. So while many may hope that these kids are closing in on their 15th minute, MTV is going to start the new year with a promotion to insure that doesn't happen to the stars of its biggest hit.

Potty-mouthed comic Whitney Cummings will host the special, which will also feature music from Autotune Person of the Year Flo Rida.