Skating With the Stars: First Cast Revealed!

During one of the many dead spots in Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars results show, ABC revealed the six contestants on the upcoming Skating With the Stars, which premieres following DWtS on November 22. The term "A List" does not come to mind when looking over the lineup.

In alphabetical order, the six are:

Rebecca Budig: The All My Children star is probably better known to non-soap fans as the woman Bob Guiney married (and later divorced) after sleeping his way through his season of The Bachelor.

Bethenny Frankel: Housewife, author, entrepreneur, and reality show perennial (this will be her fourth series).

Jonny Moseley: Olympic gold medalist in moguls skiing, and probably the early favorite given his background in winter sports.

Vince Neil: Lead singer/screamer of Motley Crue. Tommy Lee's old pal doesn't come across as someone who has kept in great shape over the years, so this could be very, very funny.

Brandon Mychal Smith: 21-year-old star of various Disney Channel ventures, including Sonny With a Chance. He's pretty obscure even compared with the rest of them, so this sonny might not have a chance.

Sean Young: Hollywood veteran actress whose career eventually imploded amidst allegations of unprofessional behavior and overall eccentricity.

The format of the show is similar to that of DWtS: Stars will be paired with professional skaters, they will perform before an audience, and scoring will be a combination of judges' opinions and viewer votes. If you're thinking you've seen something like this before, that's because you have. The 2006 Fox series Skating With Celebrities became notorious when Kristy Swanson was accused of breaking up the marriage of her professional partner, Lloyd Eisler (the two are now married). The controversy didn't prevent Swanson from winning the competition. ABC can always hope its version has something equally memorable happen.