SNL Goes A-List For December

A less-than-stellar season of Saturday Night Live will get a boost from a very impressive lineup of hosts and musical guests during the month of December.

On Dec. 4, Robert DeNiro will host the show and presumably plug the latest entry in the Fockers film franchise. The man lives and breathes New York, but sketch comedy doesn't exactly play to his strengths. The good news is that even a subpar bunch of SNL writers can probably deliver better lines than he's had in most of the movies he's made in the last 20 years. Diddy Dirty Money, or whatever he will be calling himself in two weeks, will be the musical guest.

Paul Rudd will host the Dec. 11 show. His first hosting appearance, two years ago, was notewothy for the unusual amount of gay-themed humor that made it into the episode. The musical guest will be obscure English folk musician Paul McCartney, who had better not do that one awful Christmas song of his.

The Dec. 18 SNL will be helmed by the new Rooster Cogburn, Jeff Bridges, who first hosted the show with his brother Beau back during the Eddie Murphy years. The Big Lebowski is an enormous comedy touchstone for the generation that makes up most of the writing staff, so expect The Dude to drop by at some point. The resurgent Eminem, a man synonymous with Christmas cheer, is the musical guest. It will be nice to see him saying "Ho ho ho" in a different context.

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