Man Shoots TV In Anger Over Bristol

The audience on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday was content to just boo at the news that Brandy had been voted out and Bristol Palin had survived. But a man in Vermont, Wisconsin has shown his disdain for the "teen activist" in more graphic fashion.

Steven Cowan, 67, was arrested Tuesday on charges of disorderly conduct after shooting his television set in apparent rage over the DWtS performance of Bristol (no word on whether it was her paso doble or her waltz that got him especially upset). Cowan's wife called police Monday night to report that her husband, who had been drinking (stunner), started yelling about how wrong it was that politics was intruding into the show, shot the set, and then pointed his gun at her.

Cowan warned his wife that he would kill himself if she brought police into the matter, but cops showed up anyway, and after negotiations that lasted well into Tuesday morning, he surrendered and is currently behind bars. For everyone's sake, let's hope no one has informed him about this week's DWtS results yet.

Once Cowan gets out of jail, and assuming he's allowed to leave the state, might he be available for a cameo on the new Sarah Palin TLC series? They're both strong supporters of gun rights.

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