Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, The Aftermath

It's a race to the altar for former Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson!!!

Except Jessica may be the only one actually playing to win.

First, the ex-Mrs. Lachey announced her engagement to Eric Johnson just days after Nick became betrothed to longtime love Vanessa Minnillo. Jessica's been flashing her tacky ruby ring all over town, and there's some question over who paid for the bauble, considering Johnson has been unemployed since leaving the NFL in 2008.

Now, it appears Jessica wants to tie the knot over the holidays, possibly because she wants to beat her ex-hubby to the altar. Isn't there a reality TV show to be had in all of this? The soon-to-be Mr. Jessica Simpson needs a paycheck!

Of course, maybe marrying a wealthy pop star/shoe designer is his paycheck, since rumor has it Jess is refusing to sign a pre-nup. Why not trust someone you met five months ago with your hard-earned money?

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