Is Johnny Weir The New Bruno On Skating With the Stars?

In case there's any question that ABC's Dancing With the Stars knockoff, Skating With the Stars, will be an over-the-top, sequined spectacle, now comes this news: flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir will be a judge.

ABC has billed Weir "the skating world's most unpredictable star," and we believe it. Among other things, he's known for his ongoing feud with gold medalist and DWTS contestant Evan Lysacek.

The other two skating judges are Olympican-turned-broadcaster Dick Button and choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

We'll tune in just to see what outrageous outfit Weir is wearing. Plus, we're thinking Weir and Bethenny Frankel in the same room might be pure comedy.

Skating With the Stars premieres Nov. 22 at 9:11pm on ABC.

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