Character Countdown: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Episode 6

Last week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended right in the middle of a verbal altercation between Kyle and Camille.

The duel continued this week with no real resolution, resulting in a miserable trip for everyone involved (but making for an interesting rest of the season for viewers). Lisa served as moderator, while Taylor fanned the flames a bit, having told Camille that the others were dissing her on the trip out there. As if that's not enough, Kyle and Kim also had a tiff after Kyle felt her sister betrayed her.

Even though Adrienne stayed home to attend a funeral, she may have had the best weekend of all.

Boy, do these ladies know how to have a good time:

Kyle Richards KYLE (102)

-- Kim was sitting right there for the original conversation between Kim and Camille. Finally! Someone can put an end to this damn thing (+2)

-- Even though Kim admits she knows what was said in her confessional -- that Kyle didn't say what Camille accused her of -- does nothing to clear things up (-4)

-- Kyle gets quiet and cries a little because her sister doesn't stick up for her. Who can blame her? (-2)

-- The next day, she goes out with Lisa: "I was up all night stressing about Camille, but I love shopping." Atta girl! A little retail therapy ought to help (+1)

-- Finds the perfect, one-of-a-kind outfit for premiere -- a white corset with matching jacket -- that will look stunning with her dark hair and huge emerald green earrings at the event (+3)

-- At lunch with the girls, gives Kim the silent treatment because she's still mad at her (-1)

-- Kim gives her a bracelet, but she's still pissed (-2)

-- Holds a French fry in her hand forever while she tries to make a point. We're not sure if she ever ate it, but if she did, it was most definitely cold and soggy (-3)

-- Calls Camille and leaves a voicemail before the premiere to try and smooth things out. If it were us, we'd just let that "friendship" fade out, but apparently, Kyle is a bigger person than us (+5)

-- Makes call from sweeping hotel balcony that made our deck look like a postage stamp (+3)

-- Says "I'm about to snap." Wait, that didn't happen already? (-1)

-- Kyle's husband is shown taking the kids swimming in her absence. Is the only abandoned husband that appears to have everything under control (+4)

-- Kelsey is nice and gracious to Kyle after she and Camille fight. We're thinking he probably knows a thing or two about Camille's overreactions (+2)

-- She and Kim kiss and make up (+3)

-- Camille says she and Kelsey will no longer use Kyle's husband as their realtor. Under normal circumstances, no biggie, but the Grammers have zillions of expensive properties, so Mr. Kyle better find a new rich client, like, yesterday (-6)

Net gain/loss: +2

Current total: 104

Camille Grammer CAMILLE (83)

-- Camille gets up and leaves table when all the ladies start bickering (-2)

-- During her hair and makeup session, she tells her stylist, "I am a survivor!" Of what? Her own ridiculousness? Having servants and real estate up the ying-yang? (-3)

-- Says repeatedly that Kyle attacks her because she's jealous. Apparently, it never occured to her that she could actually be an asshat (-2)

-- Camille responds to Kyle's voicemail by text and tells her to come enjoy the show (+2)

-- Keeps talking about how people are always jealous of her. To us, Kyle pretty much has it all. Maybe Camille's the one who's jealous (-1)

- that Lisa was "Machiavellic" on the airplane, instigating all the conversation. Needs to borrow Camille's dictionary (-2)

-- Does her red carpet walk at Kelsey's show premiere, and nobody tells her she's got a sprig of bangs poking straight out (-3)

-- Sits down next to Kelsey's (married) friend Nick and asks him if she has too much cleavage. Translation: Please gawk at my chesticles (-2)

-- Nick surveys the two fleshy cantaloupes hanging out of her dress and concludes it looks fine to him. Shocker (+4)

-- After the show, she goes back stage to see Kelsey, who seems like he'd rather eat a poop sandwich than see her (-3)

-- At after-party, imitates a stage kiss and plants one on Kim (-1)

-- Back in L.A., in a totally contrived scene, is pretending to read "The Art of War" when Nick arrives (-2)

-- She nitpicks Kyle's apology and manufactures some more drama in her head (-1)

-- After saying she wants to be appreciated for who she is and not who she's married to, she goes off aboout how Kelsey an award-winning, A-List celebrity. "There's a big difference between that and realtor." Who's the bitch now? (-4)

-- Calls Kyle pernicious several times in a row. Oooh, looks like someone's been reading the dictionary (+2)

-- Says that Lisa was "Machiavellic" in her attempts to get the other women to talk about Camille on the airplane. Needs to put down Sun Tzu and retrieve dictionary again, asap (-2)

Net gain/loss: -18

Current total: 65

Kim Richards KIM (101)

-- When asked to clear up the fight between Kim and Camille, she chooses to say nothing because she doesn't want to get involved -- even though the truth would have backed up her own sister (-5)

-- "I get nervous," she tells the camera. "I was afraid. I don't like conflict." Grow a pair, lady, geez (-3)

-- Kim calls Camille "insecure" at the airport (which we see in a flashback), but accuses Taylor of saying it. Hey, wait, who doesn't like conflict? (-2)

-- After Taylor says something kind of crazy and country to Kim, Kim responds, "Don't piss me off." Whatevz. I'm more afraid of my own cat than I am of Kim (-3)

-- At lunch the next day, Kim gives each lady a bracelet from her jewelry line (+3)

-- Kyle asks her why she didn't tell the truth when asked, and Kim responds "I couldn't get a word in." Just admit you're a wussy (-2)

-- When Kyle considers not going to Kelsey's premiere, Kim decides she doesn't want to go either. Oh sure, now you show support (-1)

-- Camille kisses her at the play after-party, but it's not the kind of affection Kim wants (-1)

-- During a limo ride, talks to the group about being lonely without a man (-2), and is not shy about asking the ladies to each set her up on a blind date (+4)

Net gain/loss: -12

Current total: 89

Lisa Vanderpump LISA (129)

-- Lisa is more supportive to Kyle than her own sister (+2)

-- Encourages Kyle to be the bigger person and call Camille to mend fences (+3)

-- Husband is shown at home, and admits he can't do much around the house in her absence (-2)

-- Is wearing a matching shirt with Giggy, their Pomeranian. I wish my husband would... (-5)

-- Lisa recounts the New York Fight story to Adrienne succinctly. She'd make a good editor (+3)

Net gain/loss: +1

Current total: 130

Adrienne Maloof ADRIENNE (129)

-- Adrienne stays behind to attend uncle's funeral (+2)

-- Her funeral outfit looks a bit more Madonna than we'd expect (-2)

-- Has her wedding dress displayed in a wall in her house behind a huge glass window. If we had one of those, we'd display our shoes (+1)

-- Gets multiple calls from Taylor relaying the drama from the trip. Number of craps she gives, compared to what she's dealing with: 0 (-3)

-- Is upset with hubby because he went out with the guys instead of visiting with her and her mom (-2)

-- He tries to defend himself, but finally rolls over and plays submissive (+3)

-- Goes over to Lisa's to be debriefed on the trip drama. She is wearing platform heels that make even the biggest shoe-lover shudder in pain (+2)

-- Listens to Lisa, and seems relieved she wasn't there (+2)

Net gain/loss: +3

Current total: 132

Taylor Armstrong TAYLOR (35)

-- Taylor tells Camille people were talking about her on the flight over. Nobody likes a troublemaker (-4)

-- When she and Kim argue she says, "I'll take you out back and pull some Oklahoma on that ass." Um, OK (-3)

-- When Taylor is gone, her daughter hides underneath table and chairs and won't eat for dad (-3)

-- After reading directions for chicken fingers, asks daughter how her mother makes them. I thought this guy was supposed to be smart? (-2)

-- Actually attempts to prepare her food. We assumed he was just gonna order a pizza or take her to Whole Foods (+2)

-- Daughter says his cooking is bad. Apparently, making millions is easy, but heating up frozen chicken is rocket science (-3)

Net gain/loss: -13

Current total: 22


Adrienne: 132

Lisa: 130

Kyle: 104

Kim: 89

Camille: 65

Taylor: 22