Sharon Osbourne Rails Against Mike & Molly Blogger

Anyone who's seen Sharon Osbourne in action knows she doesn't have a high tolerance for people's crap.

And now the newly-minted talk show co-host is railing on a magazine blogger who insulted overweight people earlier this week, calling her a "bitch" on The Talk.

After host Julie Chen read some of the now-infamousblog entry out loud, Osbourne said the writer was "a discredit to other woman -- and I think she is a bitch and I want her arse here."

The blogger started her rant in response to the new sitcom, Mike & Molly, whose plus-size lead characters met in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. "I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything," wrote Maura Kelly on the Marie Claire website. She went on to say that in real life, watching overweight people doing every day things such as walking across a room, was "aesthetically displeasing."

"If this woman was here, I tell you, she would get such a mouthful from me," said Osbourne, who also cancelled her subscription to the magazine, because the blogger's editor asked her to write the piece. "People like this are adding to the problem that we have today with our kids—boys and girls—about being anorexic, about having low self-esteem...I'm 30 pounds overweight right now, should I not be allowed to kiss my husband or my children, or walk across a room?"

Kelly quickly issued an apology for the inflammatory blog, which was tacked on to the bottom of the original post.

Meanwhile, success is the best revenge. Mike & Molly is most-watched new comedy of the season, averaging 12.3 million viewers per week.