VIDEO: Audrina Patridge's Mom Goes On Drunken Rant

And we thought Audrina Patridge's untimely exit from Dancing With the Stars was shocking. Turns out it's only the second most interesting thing to happen to the reality star this week.

After Audrina was eliminated from DWTS Tuesday night, her mom Lynn -- who bears a striking resemblance to classy actress Diane Lane -- had a "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" moment. Unfortunately, cameras from captured the 5-minute drunken rant, in which Lynn dropped multiple F-bombs while trashing both DWTS and The Hills.She calls Lauren Conrad a bitch and refers to the other Hills girls as tramps before claiming that "my baby's a star!" If we weren't on board with Audrina's new VH1 reality show before, we sure are now. So no publicity is bad publicity ... right?