Charlie Sheen Gets Drunk and Trashes Hotel Room

I know what you're thinking: isn't it only news on those days when Charlie Sheen isn't found intoxicated in a hotel room in the company of a hooker?

Details are still emerging about an incident Tuesday morning at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, during which the Two and a Half Men star, a perennial in Hollywood gossip and police beat circles, was confronted by police after trashing his room and raving incoherently. Sources told the New York Post that Sheen admitted to the police that he had been drinking and snorting cocaine, but a Sheen spokesman blamed the entire situation on an adverse reaction to medication.

Sheen was not placed under arrest, but was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation, according to the Associated Press. The woman who was with Sheen and called the police from his room has not been identified, but a police source told the Post that she was an escort. Ironically, Sheen was in Manhattan along with ex-wife Denise Richards and their two daughters, who were staying in another room at the Plaza.

As Sheen has not been charged with anything, it is unclear whether this latest incident will affect his probation, which had nearly elapsed. This summer, Sheen pleaded guilty in Aspen, Colo. to charges of misdemeanor assault relating to a Christmas argument with wife Brooke, during which the actor reportedly flashed a knife. He was ordered to undergo anger management therapy and attend rehab as a condition of avoiding a jail sentence, but the effectiveness of both looks a bit questionable right now.