Mariah Carey: Heading To The X Factor?

Last week, Simon Cowell mentioned that a unnamed world famous singer had expressed a sudden interest in serving as a judge for the U.S. edition of The X Factor, which starts in fall 2011. Over the weekend, he dropped a hint as to who that singer may have been.

Cowell told News of the World that Mariah Carey would be "an amazing addition" to The X Factor, which has now taken the place of American Idol as the go-to series for judging rumors.

Though reports have had Cowell pushing for British girl group singer and U.K. X Factor judge Cheryl Cole to join him in the States, he now says Carey is "exactly the right caliber of star that we want for the show." Reportedly, Fox executives are concerned that Cole, who is mostly known in America (to the extent she is known at all) as the girlfriend of Derek Hough of Dancing With the Stars, would not be a big enough audience draw as a potential judge.

Lack of audience awareness would be no problem with Carey, of course. Her name was briefly kicked around as a possible American Idol replacement judge back in the summer, and the factors that made the Idol rumor seem plausible apply here too: She has past experience working with Cowell from her week as a mentor on Season Seven of Idol; and her husband, Nick Cannon, is the host of America's Got Talent, which Cowell helped create.