Jennifer Lopez: Under The Influence?

Observers of this initial phase of Jennifer Lopez's tenure on American Idol keep looking for signs of diva-hood rising to the surface.

The latest bit of evidence comes from Page Six, which quotes unnamed sources as saying that J. Lo manager Benny Medina has not only been spending a good deal of time on set, but talks with Lopez during filming breaks and gives his input on auditioners. A Lopez staffer told Page Six that Medina is a "frustrated judge" and doesn't have any input into decisions that Lopez makes, but one has to wonder, since Medina's record executive background is closer to that of Simon Cowell than any of the current judges.

Sources for the story went on to describe how Lopez and Steven Tyler have been more demanding than Idol auditioners are used to, with both occasionally asking young singers to perform more than one song in order to prove their stage presence or their ability to do more than one genre. Another source singles out Tyler as the most quote-worthy of the judges, praising him for his one-liners "when he's on" (of course, being "on" was always the problem for Simon).

Idol is in the final phases of the audition process, so there's still plenty of time for stories to emerge from the road about Lopez browbeating some poor concierge.