Letterman Apologizes To Rachael Ray For Hijacking Interview

David Letterman has had no shortage of run-ins with celebrities over the years, but his latest incident managed to startle the usually unflappable Rachael Ray. Viewers will have to tune into The Late Show Friday night to see exactly what Dave was talking about on his Tuesday show.

Letterman apologized Tuesday for his behavior during the pre-taping of the Late Show hour that will air on Friday. Ray was a guest, on to promote her latest project, when Letterman reportedly began complaining about the culture of wasteful eating promoted by some of the shows that air on the Food Network, during a time when hunger is on the rise in America. While he did not personally attack Ray, who remained polite throughout, she was so puzzled by the display that her publicist contacted Letterman on Tuesday to ask if he was upset with her.

Letterman took some time on Tuesday's show to explain what had happened and what his thought process had been. "I'm explaining to her about how there's no point going on a diet, because this culture will beat you out of a diet," he said, continuing, "then there's these food shows like Cupcake Wars ... fifty million people are starving in this country, they go to bed hungry, but before they doze off, let's watch Cupcake Wars." Letterman said his frustration was prompted by his belief that hunger is a problem that can be easily solved.

Of course, The Late Show is still a comedy program, and Letterman offered his typical negative assessment of himself as he related the incident. "No, I'm not mad at Rachael, I'm just nuts," he stated before going on to joke about the problem of children in America who have no TV shows while Ray has a dozen.