Dancing With The Stars Results: Margaret Cho Isn't Laughing

Dancing With the Stars will be a whole lot less funny next week, now that Margaret Cho has been eliminated. The comedian and her partner Louis van Amstel got the bad news on Tuesday's results show. Nine dancers remain.

Cho had battled the odds from the beginning of the season, as she was tied for the low score in Week One and finished behind everyone with a total of 18 on Monday's show. Her body type isn't very conducive to dancing, but she talked about wanting to prove she could really do it, citing being teased out of dance class as a girl as motivation. But that might not have come through to viewers. Her first-week Viennese waltz was overshadowed by a dramatic costume reveal and Louis intentionally dropping her at the end of the dance, and her garish rainbow getup on Monday was more memorable than her performance. Also, her statement that Monday's dance was meant to support gay rights may have bothered more viewers than it charmed (it might not be a coincidence that she was pitted against Bristol Palin in the final two on Tuesday).

Margaret was emotional upon being eliminated, saying that she surprised herself with what she could do, and that the judges were only tough on her because they believed she could dance and not just bring the funny. Nice guy Louis praised her for showing her vulnerable side. All well and good, but this three-week run of hers needs to inspire a new segment of her stand-up act (complete with behind the scenes dirt) to truly be worthwhile.

Musical entertainment for the results show was provided by Ne-Yo, trying and generally failing to look more macho than usual; and by recently bounced amateur dancer Michael Bolton, who filled in for an ailing Susan Boyle. He performed "Hallelujah," and quickly reminded viewers that there are things more painful than watching him try to dance. For some reason, there was no overblown mock "reconciliation" between Bolton and his judge-tormentor Bruno Tonioli, possibly because he still isn't in the mood to laugh off his failure on the show. Bolton allowed that he was happy to be back to see the other dancers, and that was that.

Tuesday will be remembered for one of the weirder results show filler segments ever, a "duel" on the dance floor between Mark Ballas and old competitive rival Val (Don't Call Me Maks, And No, It's Not a Girl's Name In Russia) Chmerkovskiy. After some trash talk, the two took the floor, with Val playing violin and Mark his guitar. The song was "Toxic" rather than something from West Side Story, which would have been more appropriate for the strangeness on stage. The men then went on to a dance-off, Val paired with Lacey Schwimmer and Mark with a very bendy blonde I don't believe we've seen before. Nothing was decided at the end of this segment, except for people wondering again why they can't reduce the results show to a half-hour.