Big Brother 9 Winner Adam Pleads Guilty

Adam Jasiniski spent 10 weeks locked in a house in order to win the ninth season of Big Brother, but what he did afterwards might keep him locked up for years to come.

Jasinski pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges of drug possession with intent to distribute, after first having pleaded not guilty. The changed plea might buy him a break on sentencing, but he still faces a maximum penalty of fourteen years. Sentencing will not take place until January 11, but Jasinski was taken into custody following the hearing in a Boston federal court.

To make matters worse, Jasinski also pleaded guilty to not filing a tax return in 2008, the year he won the $500,000 Big Brother prize. While this is a misdemeanor, it could result in an additional year tacked on to his sentence. How someone who made that much money so publicly can believe they can get away with not paying taxes on it is a mystery, especially after Richard Hatch so famously went from Survivor champion to federal prisoner.

Jasinski was arrested a year ago after allegedly agreeing to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to a federal informant. Since then, he has been undergoing treatment for drug addiction and bipolar disorder.