Character Countdown: Jersey Shore, Episode 11

Thursday night certainly wasn't the first time we've seen The Situation lose his cool on Jersey Shore.

At some point, he's had arguments with nearly everyone in the house.

But his recent temper tantrums were probably his most ridiculous yet, and apparently the result of a) people not following his dictatorship, b) Vinny scoring the hottest chick that anyone has seen all season, and c) not being able to pillage said hot girl for himself. For once, it seemed everyone in the house was tired of The Situation's agitation.

Snooki's best friend came for a visit, too, and demonstrated why with both girls probably flunked their foreign language classes in high school.

Meanwhile, Snooks and Jenni tried to mend fences with Sammi, who was sad that her only friend in the house (Angelina) moved back home. It resulted in all three girls sitting on the couch playing with their hair extensions, shrouded by awkward silence. Oh, how we love a good, deep conversation!

Welcome to the jungle:

Mike SorrentinoTHE SITUATION (61)

-- With Pauly, moves Angelina's bed and remaining stuff out of the room (+3)

-- Gets live lobsters and champagne and makes a special dinner celebrating Angelina's departure (+5)

-- Calls himself the "pimp of all pimps," but his pick-up moves at the club would land him in the big house on Law & Order: SVU. He scares all the women away (-4)

-- Unable to scrounge up any action, he tries to get everyone to go home. If Mike's not happy, nobody's gonna be happy! (-3)

-- Snooki fights with him because she and her friend are having fun and are not ready to leave (-2)

-- The next night, Sitch tries to hit on Vinny's woman when V goes to the bathroom. Isn't this a violation of some sort of bro code? Get your own girl, dude (-5)

-- Vinny's girl, Ramona, rejects him as do other ladies in the bar. We know this because he's sitting alone and his abs are not exposed. Is it possible he's already slept with everyone in Miami? (-3)

-- Gets frustrated and tries to kiss Snooki. Really? Really? (-5)

-- Bored and frustrated, he demands everyone go home but so nobody listens. It's not very often that Mike doesn't get his way, but we don't understand why he doesn't just leave by himself (-9)

Net gain/loss: -23

Current total: 38

Nicole PolizziSNOOKI (50)

-- Snooki and J-Woww decide to try and rescue one of the live lobsters and keep them as pets. Because there just aren't enough revolting smells and germs in the house already (-3)

-- Turns out we were worried for nothing. Kills lobster minutes later by putting it in a big bowl of tap water (-5)

-- Wants to make up with Sammi and apologizes to her for her part in writing the letter (+2)

-- Snooki's best friend, Ryder, visits from home (+4)

-- The besties speak to each other in some bizarre, grunting language that make Vulcan-speakers seem kind of normal (-3)

-- Invites Sammi to go to the bar with them, but she declines. Sammi is a wet blanket; it's a blessing in disguise (+4)

-- Somehow manages to screw up making an ice cream drink in a blender. (And someone is paying her to write a book? Good grief) (-4)

-- Compares Ryder's, Jenni's and her own boobs by giving them all firm squeezes. As far as we could tell, no conclusions were drawn (-3)

-- Gets into fight with the Sitch at the bar when he tries to make her leave. It puts her in a bad mood and she winds up going home early (-2)

-- The next night, when Mike can't score, he tries to kiss Snooks. Do they make anti-bacterial lip sanitizer? Because this would be the time to use it (-8)

-- The two argue again, but this time, Snooki doesn't let it ruin her night. In fact, the whole pack ignores him (+3)

Net gain/loss: -15

Current total: 35

Vinny GuadagninoVINNY (130)

-- Makes plans with Ramona, the woman who stood him up for a date a few weeks back. At this point, we wonder if he's a glutton for punishment? (-2)

-- She says she'll be there in 30 minutes. He packs a bag with drinks and supplies for the beach (+5)

-- Two hours later, she's still not there (-8)

-- Makes plans with two other girls instead. At least he's trying to salvage his day (+4)

-- As the replacement dates are on their way over, Ramona shows up. Uh oh! (-2)

-- Calls and cancels with the other girls for Ramona. We wouldn't have done it, but I guess he figures she's worth the trouble (+2)

-- Hits it off with Ramona, who actually seems to be a nice, smart girl, and they have a great day. Makes out with her at end of date (+6)

-- On another night, Ramona shows up to meet him at the club (+5)

-- When he goes to the bathroom, Mike tries to hit on Ramona (-3)

-- Ramona wants no part his creeping, solidifying our belief that she's smarter than the average bar slut (+9)

Net gain/loss: +16

Current total: 146

Sammi GiancolaSAMMI (-7)

-- Is the only person who cares when Angelina leaves, because she has no other friends in the house (-3)

-- When Jenni apologizes for the letter, she can't even be bothered to swivel her head 45 degrees to feign interest (-4)

-- As she reclines in bed with Ronnie -- who, you may remember, totally violated her trust for weeks -- she tells him how she can never forgive Jenni. MTV misses an opportunity to insert Run-DMC's "Dumb Girl" into the episode soundtrack (-2)

-- When Snooki asks her to go hang out with the girls, she is troubled by having to produce a yes or no answer ... which makes us wonder how long she must spend deciding on multiple choice questions, such as choosing a nail polish color for a manicure (-3)

Net gain/loss: -12

Current total: (-19)

Jenni FarleyJ-WOWW (58)

-- Put the pet lobster, who has already been named Charlie, in fresh water and kills it (-4)

-- Offers half-hearted apology to Sammi for the note (+2), but Sammi doesn't even turn to look at her (-4)

-- Controls the urge to beat up Sammi, which disappoints us greatly. We were kinda jonesing for a rematch between the two, who have provided the best scuffle of the season thus far (-5)

Net gain/loss: -9

Current total: 49

Ronnie Ortiz-MagroRONNIE (-2)

-- Acknowledges Sammi is totally wishy-washy, which is probably why he's able to treat her like crap, then charm her back into his bed (-2)

-- When Sammi talks about how gross and pervy the Sitch is, Ronnie not-so-gently reminds her that she hooked up with him early on. Touche, Ron! Annnnnd, he's back in the black (+6)

Net gain/loss: +4

Current total: 2

Paul DelVecchioPAULY D (122)

-- Gets more space in his room with Angelina's departure (+3)

-- Appears to be hitting on randoms in clubs. Wasn't he just all sprung on Rocio? What happened to that storyline? (-5)

Net gain/loss: -2

Current total: 120


Vinny: 146

Pauly D: 120

J-Woww: 49

The Situation: 38

Snooki: 35

Ronnie: 2

Angelina: (-16) (left show)

Sammi: (-19)