Bachelorette Ali Says A Wedding Is Not Imminent

Remember the way bliss filled the air after The Bachelorette ended this past summer? The moony-eyed declarations of love between Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez? The talk about moving in together and sharing a televised wedding with America?

Well, it looks like reality is setting in following the reality show. Doesn't it always?

Speaking with People earlier this week, Ali raised eyebrows by saying that she and Roberto are no longer in the mood to rush to the altar. "We're waiting a little bit. We really want to make sure we're doing this right," she told the mag while attending a fashion promo in New York. No doubt aware of how this news will look to some people, she elaborated, "Nothing has changed -- we're still just as happy as we were ... if you're rushing because you're in love, why rush? [Just] wait. You're going to get married anyway."

Since going public with their romance after the season finale, Ali and Roberto have moved into an apartment in San Diego, where he has resumed his career selling insurance and she has taken a job in local television. Rumors that the pair was slated to be on Dancing With the Stars proved to be untrue, but perhaps ABC is waiting for them to break up and become more newsworthy.

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