NYC Housewives: Show Us The Money!

Turns out we aren't the only ones who are appalled that the numbskulls on Jersey Shore are making more than us.

The Real Housewives of New York City have been invited by Bravo to return for season four, but they are taking a cue from the Jersey Shore kids and holding out for more loot. After all, getting all snazzed up to kerfuffle at prime fashion events isn't free, you know.

"The ladies are upset because they are making a lot less than Snooki [who earns $30,000 per episode on MTV]. They've got a lot more to say," a source close to the Housewives told the New York Post.

According to the insider, the New York wives' pay is on par with their New Jersey counterparts -- about $4,000 per episode -- and "they have little choice but to pimp themselves out with side gigs to bump up their earnings." Yeah, because getting a real job is totally out of the question


When asked if she was returning to Housewives earlier this week, Jill Zarin was vague, causing speculation that she's waiting for a better offer. However, the reality program's resident mental case, Kelly Bensimon, seemed content. "Let's be honest, being on a show that Bravo produces provides a lot of other opportunities," she told the Post. "They gave me a huge career at 42."

Alex McCord's rep wouldn't comment specifically on the situation, and other Housewives' reps did not return calls.

In related news, we're fairly certain this is first time that anyone has aspired to be more like the Jersey Shore kids.

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