This Season's Dancing Comedian: Margaret Cho?

We're now just one hours away from getting official word of the fall cast for Dancing With the Stars, and it's finally starting to look like the producers have landed some personalities, if not necessarily stellar dancers.

Comedians have been among the staple contestants on DWtS, though they've had trouble scoring very well. That track record is probably not in any danger from Margaret Cho, who is definitely part of Season Eleven according to Kristin Dos Santos of E! News.

Cho's previous series on ABC (the sitcom All American Girl) was not a success, nor was her recent VH1 reality show. Moreover, she's not known for her physical grace. But she's been a reliably funny presence on Lifetime's hit Drop Dead Diva, and can be counted on to entertain as long as America allows her to.

Dancing With the Stars seems more like the sort of thing Cho would usually be making fun of rather than participating in, but even a short stint ought to be fuel for a long bit in her stand-up. If the brass is smart, they will pair her with Louis van Amstel, who was an effective straight man (pun sort of intended) opposite Niecy Nash this past season.