Will Ferrell: Top Six / Bottom Five

With Will Ferrell's buddy cop comedy collaboration with Mark Wahlberg, The Other Guys in theaters on Friday, we thought it time for a roundup of Ferrell's funniest and not-so-funny films.

Top 6

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
What do you call a race car driver in granny pants praying to Tom Cruise? A comedy that exudes excellence.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
We wish all anchormen were brave enough to jump into a San Diego Zoo bear pit and rumble with hombres from a Spanish language news team.

Stranger Than Fiction
This dramedy may not have done as well at the box office as Ferrell's sillier films, but we think his highly underrated performance as the lost and lovelorn Harold is magnificently touching and funny. It also proves that he's more than a one-note comedian; he's an actor with formidable range and depth.

Who else but Ferrell could pull off a 6-foot-plus elf with the charm, and mind, of a child?

Old School
Nakedness has never been a problem for Ferrell or over-age frat boy Frank the Tank.

Blades of Glory
Someday all figure skaters will have the the cojones to ice rock to Billy Squier, and embrace the bromance of male pairs teams.

Honorable Mentions: Though Ferrell wasn't the designated star of Zoolander or Wedding Crashers we thought evil fashion mogul Mugatu and wedding crasher rulebook writer Chazz deserved honorable mentions.

Bottom 5

Step Brothers
John C. Reilly and Ferrell are both brimming with comedic brilliance. A script about two immature 40-something schmos who become stepbrothers -- not so much.

Land of the Lost
In a word, disappointing. Nothing about Ferrell's sissy man meltdowns or this unfortunate film based on a campy '70s Saturday morning kids TV series was fresh or funny.

Not a terrible Ferrell film, but not a slam dunk either. The basketball comedy's low-scoring laughs never rise to the level of Anchorman or his more successful films.

Kicking & Screaming
This formulaic family film is warmhearted and amusing, but not above average for funnyman Ferrell.

It's tough to turn a TV classic into a hit movie decades later. Ferrell does his best, but a mediocre script and lack of chemistry with Nicole Kidman (Samantha) suck the potential magic out of this remake.