The Bachelorette Interview: Ali and Roberto's Love At First Sight

Trouble in paradise already? Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky says fiance Roberto Martinez leaves the kitchen a wreck after he's done cooking, to the point where it's overrun by ants!

OK, that's overly dramatic. During a conference call on the day after America saw Ali accept Roberto's marriage proposal on the season finale of The Bachelorette, both seemed relieved to be able to finally put the secrecy of their engagement behind them. And while Ali was her typical giggly self, Roberto came across as much more animated and less tense than he did on the show. He said that he was unable to keep the big news secret from his parents, telling them as soon as he returned from Bora Bora, but Ali waited to tell her folks, in order to spare them the strain of keeping the secret for months.

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Ali revisited the emotional climax of the season finale, when she and Roberto expressed their mutual love on their final date, and she made the subsequent decision to say goodbye to Chris Lambton in advance of their planned final date, and put all her eggs in Roberto's basket. "I knew for sure 100 percent that it was Roberto during our last date together, when we were in the rain and everything was just so perfect and wonderful and I felt so good ... I couldn't focus on Chris; I just wanted to spend more time with Roberto," she said. Her vibe with her future fiance began as far back as their first meeting: "That feeling I had was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I think I fell in love at first sight."

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More so than Roberto, Ali did pay attention to the rampant spoilers for the season and the rumors that had her either single or keeping company with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, saying that it was hard to listen to the people who had seen her early chemistry with Roberto, and then assumed from the spoilers that they must no longer be together. Both claimed that their relationship was progressing well despite the end of the hoopla that surrounds filming. "I think we're both really simple, we appreciate the simple things in life," said Ali. "We don't want the helicopters and the crazy lavishness of all the dates. We just want to hold hands walking down the street." Ali said that when Roberto expressed a desire to move to California to be closer to Ali, he was given the chance to have an office in Los Angeles. But the pair felt that might be too stressful and filled with paparazzi, so San Diego was a fallback position.

Roberto concurred, saying "I always kept it in perspective, that [the show] was not what our normal life would be. Early on, I just pictured my life with her as doing simple little things." But Ali said she is unlikely to be going back to her old job at Facebook, and will be looking into the media opportunities now coming her way. It's also possible that the couple is not done with television. Ali referred to the rumors that both may be invited to appear on Dancing With the Stars ("It could be a possibility, hopefully"), and both seemed excited about having a televised wedding when the time comes.

Ali and Roberto both professed to not be worried about the lousy track record of other couples from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, saying that they don't think of themselves as a "Bachelorette couple," but rather as like any other young couple in love. "The limelight and Dancing With the Stars -- that's not what broke Jake and Vienna up. Their relationship was already broken," said Ali. She said any opportunities she gets in entertainment or media won't pull them apart, as long as they remind themselves to put each other first.

The man Ali did not choose in the finale, Chris Lambton, spoke with reporters also. There is a groundswell of support today from women hoping Chris will be the next Bachelor (as often happens with runners-up), but Chris's demeanor during the conference call did not do much to dispel concern that he might be too low-key a personality to carry an entire season as the star. And while many ex-contestants on reality shows speak about wanting to get back to their normal lives only to move to L.A. within weeks, Chris seemed sincere about staying on Cape Cod and sounded skeptical about The Bachelor: "Honestly, it's something that I'll have to think long and hard about, because it was hard watching so much of my personal life, and intimate details of dating on TV ... I'm not sure if I want to share all that again."

This is not to say that Chris is unappreciative of the support he's received from strangers since the episodes began airing. He referred to getting mobbed at the beach Monday and being asked for autographs, and said that even his widowed father is getting romantic attention now. "Yesterday, someone put a rose on my front porch that said, 'If Ali doesn't give you her rose, will you accept mine?' I can't fathom it ...I love that it's love coming towards me. It's surreal, I can't even describe it," he said.

As he did during the "After the Final Rose" segment on Monday, Chris insisted he was not upset by Ali's choice of Roberto or her decision to not go ahead with the accustomed final date. "You can't force love," he said. "If she didn't want to reciprocate, then she's not the right one for me ... I'm thankful that she didn't prolong it if she knew 100 percent that it was Roberto." He said that it was clear to the other men as far back as Roberto's first date with Ali that he was falling hard, and that he had expected that they would probably end up together. Chris added that Roberto was "one of my better friends from the show," and that he looked forward to a long friendship with the happy couple. After the honeymoon, we presume.