FX Fall Preview: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy comes roaring back in season three with Titus Welliver's Jimmy O'Phelan back for some intense vengeance.

Charlie Hunnam (Jax), Mark Boone Junior (Bobby), Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) and Theo Rossi (Juice) all rode their bikes to the Beverly Hills Hilton for an FX press conference to promote their new season to TV writers. And they all looked ready to rumble.

Flanagan says you’ll learn more about Chibs this season.

"I quite like the fact that my story is getting revealed later in the series 'cause the audience is bigger," he said.

Creator Kurt Sutter says the time period covered in each season is just a couple of weeks in the lives of these characters. The relationship between Clay and police chief Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) will be tested in a heated way this season. Callie says his character is "in a bit of a pickle."

"The theme is all about family, and how Jax seems himself as a father and a son," Sutter says. "This is a very concentrated period of time that feeds the sense of urgency for the task they have at hand this season."