The Best of Movie Dinner Scenes

With Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd's summer comedy Dinner for Schmucks now officially out of the way we're free to pay tribute to a few unforgettable supper scenes. Here goes!

Psycho in-law, run, run away, Meet the Parents

It's every fiance's nightmare: dinner with his bride-to-be's paranoid, ex-CIA dad -- who also happens to be Robert De Niro.

Fried chicken, Little Miss Sunshine

"Every night it's the f*ckin' chicken!" Ah, reminds me of my grandpa ... Well, maybe not my grandpa, but it reminds me of the dysfunctional domestic dinner-table bliss of many modern families.

Bella notte, Lady and the Tramp

An accordion serenade plays at an Italian restaurant while a dashing mutt nudges a meatball over to his cocker spaniel sweetheart. Two pooches in love suck on opposite ends of a spaghetti noodle. Ah, bella notte! You're never too old to be smitten by this adorable scene.

Jack Rabbit Slims, Pulp Fiction

What doesn't stick in a moviegoer's mind about this surreal dinner date? Burgers and fries in the bones of a classic car? Boasting about who knows (or is known at) their Amsterdam hash houses better? Or a too-cool-for-school take on The Swim, The Twist, and other '50s dance movies on Jack Rabbit Slims' center stage.

Pass the asparagus, American Beauty

"Will somebody please pass me the f*cking asparagus!" Never mind my shrieking wife, or my stunned daughter, or that I've quit my job and am blackmailing my boss. Watch a marriage, family, and man come undone in one explosive meal.

Dinner with Ruprecht, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Fine china, flowers, a wealthy woman ready to be fleeced, and ah yes, Ruprecht -- the mentally challenged nutcase foil to Michael Caine's suave straight man, crouched at the table with a pirate eye patch and corked fork for his protection. When will you ever again hear an elegant waiter ask, "May I take your trident, sir?"

Wedding cake, Like Water for Chocolate

Every scene in this mouthwatering movie is a feast of the senses, especially when heartbroken heroine Tita bakes her sorrow into her true love's (who's marrying her sister) wedding cake and all the guests are overcome with her grief.

Face time with the folks, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess who's coming to dinner, Dad! As liberal as Joey Drayton's parent's are, Sidney Poitier is not who they expected her to bring to their table -- though with co-stars like Tracy and Hepburn, you do expect the acting to be spectacular.

Delicatessen satisfaction, When Harry Met Sally

Well, we're not sure whether it's lunch or dinner, but we're sure anyone who watched Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in this delicatessen scene will agree it made a lasting impression.

Lights out, Parenthood

What's that Gil's holding? A flashlight, an electric ear cleaner, or a ... just forget you saw it, kids.

Table talk, Cyrus

"Are you f*cking my mom?" Not a question you want to answer at dinner, or ever, from your girlfriend's 20-something son. Especially when he's disturbingly possessive of his mom, and hates your guts.

More peas please, Edward Scissorhands

Scissorhands are great for styling hair and trimming hedges into dinosaur shapes, but eating peas at the dinner table? Not so much.

On a roll, The Gold Rush

One of the simplest yet most charming routines in Charlie Chaplin's comic legacy took place in The Gold Rush, when he turned two forks and two rolls into dancing feet. Johnny Depp did an homage to it decades later in Benny and Joon.

And many more...

Goodfellas making pasta in the clink, Vicki Vale asking Batman to pass the salt -- there are many more memorable movie meals worth mentioning. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!