CW Fall Preview: Supernatural and Smallville To The Rescue!

Now that you're back from Comic Con, here's some good news about CW series Smallville and Supernatural.

CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff says "the door has been left wide open" for the return of Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor. The series is entering its final season.

As for Supernatural, it's going to be out of the glaring headlights of Thursday's tough competition and now airing in the less clutter landscape of Friday nights this fall.

This season will go back to the good old days of the first year when our boys Sam and Dean battled the big bad of the week. The boys also discover both branches of the family tree go back to hunters. The show will explore mom's side and their exploits hunting down the things that go bump in the night. If all goes well, Supernatural might even see more seasons in its future.

"I hope so. We are all feeling enthusiastic about Supernatural," Ostroff says.