The Men Of Entourage and True Blood

With summer comes the return of two of our favorite HBO series: True Blood and Entourage, which premieres its seventh season Sunday.

And the only thing that's more fun than reuniting with the supernatural and the superficial on our television is imagining how each of the lead dudes could fit into our summer plans. No matter how you prefer to while away your sunny days, we've got someone for you to do it with...


Annie Wersching

Best person to walk you home on a warm summer night: Bill Compton

So you got too drunk to drive home from the party. You'd be super-safe with Bill, whose vampire-y goodness could protect you against any attacker. He's also too much of a Southern gentleman to take advantage of your inebriated state. Double win!

Annie Wersching

Best man to take on a tropical vacation (romantic): Jason Stackhouse

So, Jason isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. But truly, who goes to the beach to solve the world's economic or political problems? When in paradise, we simply want to see a hot, chiseled body laying next to us on the sand. And if he says something stupid or embarrassing in front of others... well, hey, you'll never see those people again anyway.

Annie Wersching

Best man to take on a tropical vacation (non-romantic): Lafayette

Honestly, TB's Lafeyette would probably be dude that's most fun to do anything with, but we think he'd make a swell traveling partner. First, we could share our best summer accessories. Second, we could do each other's makeup. Third, we could sip fruity cocktails with umbrellas together while getting pedicures on the beach. Yes, please!

Annie Wersching

No-strings summer fling: Eric

Eric is tall, built and smokin' hot. Plus, he's got his own business and a leadership role in the vampire community. He's pretty much the total package -- except for that whole pesky commitment part. As a typical vampire with an insatiable libido, he might be your one and only, but you won't be his. Just enjoy it while it lasts...

Annie Wersching

Summer fling with potential: Sam Merlotte

Poor Sam. He rarely meets a nice woman, and when he does, she ends up screwing him over. He's adorable, responsible and would be such a loyal boyfriend given the chance. And if there were ever a tiff, you could send the shape-shifter to the doghouse. Literally.


Annie Wersching

Red carpet date: Vince

Even though Vince is famous and has movie-star looks (not to mention that fantastic hair), he's actually kind of boring. So, he'd be a great person to have escort you to a big summer party. He'd be arm candy for the photos, but then he could go hit on some other girls at the party while you socialize with other more interesting people. It's the perfect arrangement!

Annie Wersching

The guy to make you breakfast in bed: Johnny Drama You probably don't want to wake up next to Johnny Drama. But in the unfortunate circumstance that you did, we bet Drama would be willing to hook you up with an awesome morning-after brekkie. If he cooks for all those dudes, he'd surely throw down in the kitchen for a potential mate.

Annie Wersching

Dream boating partner: Ari Gold

It's not that we want to see Ari in a pair of swim trunks. But Ari does everything big, so if he were to plan a water outing, he'd likely have a huge yacht, expensive champagne and the best food. Sure, we'd probably have to repel his insults here and there, but we'd consider it to enjoy a lavish experience we could never afford ourselves.

Annie Wersching

Best party planners: Turtle and Lloyd

Turtle's sole purpose has been to give Vince rides and score weed for the guys, and Lloyd has handled Ari's every deman with relative ease. So when you need help planning your big backyard bash, these are your dudes. Trust Turtle with essential party supplies (keg, drinks, grill and the iPod playlist) and let Lloyd work out the aesthetics (pretty finger foods, tasteful decorations and fun invites).

Annie Wersching

Ideal camping partner: Eric

To us, camping is staying at the Westin. But if we had to do it the real way, like, sleep in a tent in the wilderness (*shudder*), we'd want E to be our partner. He'd make for hours of great conversation around the campfire; is smart enough to assemble tents and build fires; and nice enough that we'd feel comfortable looking our worst around him. And if you just so happened to get drunk and, um, keep warm together overnight, he probably wouldn't go back and spread it around town.