The Jake And Vienna Show, Continued

Most Bachelor and Bachelorette breakups rate a line or two in the celebrity press before fading into the mist, but the end of the brief Jake Pavelka/Vienna Girardi relationship is proving to be the big exception.

The pair have spent the last three days trash talking each other, both personally and via surrogates, but that doesn't mean they can't still cooperate when the pull of more publicity calls. Jake and Vienna will give a joint interview that will air during the July 5 Bachelorette episode.

Why July 5 and not next week, when the news is more fresh? Could it be that the show could use a little ratings push coming off a holiday weekend? Nah, ABC would never do something like that.

bachelor photosMeet the cast of Bachelor Pad

And because a month can't be permitted to go by without Pavelka (still nominally an airline pilot) appearing somewhere on ABC, Bachelor host Chris Harrison has told Entertainment Tonight that Jake will have some sort of role on the late summer series Bachelor Pad, which will feature former contestants from the franchise, including women who appeared during Jake's Bachelor season.

Bachelor Pad is set to premiere August 9.