The Bachelorette: Stormy Weather Ahead For Jonathan and Craig

Jonathan the weatherman and Craig the house bully had some epic battles on The Bachelorette this season, which is probably why they've both been cast on the summer spinoff coming to ABC in August.

So can we expect more fireworks when the boys take up residence at the Bachelor Pad? It sounds like Jonathan Novak is still harboring some ill will toward his onscreen nemesis.

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"It wasn't just me that he was starting with. It was Jesse, it was Justin, it was other guys too," Novack said to reporters on a Bachelorette conference call Thursday. "When he almost started a fistfight with Jesse, that's when I thought it started to get out of hand and somebody needed to say something."

In fact, that altercation, which was only shown for a few minutes on an early episode this season, lasted into the wee hours.

"Producers kept pulling Craig away," Novack said. "He kept trying to get Jesse to punch him. That's why I called him dangerous."

Until the Aug. 9 premiere of Bachelor Pad, Novack is enjoying his newfound fame.

"It's really funny, I've been doing the weather in Houston for three years, and I don't get recognizd very much. One episode of The Bachelorette, and everyone is coming up to me. It's like, don't you people watch the news?"