The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Character Countdown, Episode 8

Under normal circumstances, we'd have been watching Teresa's elaborate housewarming party unfold on The Real Housewives of New Jersey with a wee bit of envy. Her $1.7 million mansion was adorned with fancy lights and exquisite furniture, and featured bartenders, chefs, decorators, breakdancers and fire-eaters. In short, she would have made P. Diddy proud.

But knowing that she and her husband, Joe, recently filed for bankruptcy made the whole thing just a little bit ... sad. But we guess if you're already more than $6 million in the hole, what's another $50,000 or so?

At least they got to have one hell of a bash before having to tighten their belt straps. Or, at least we assume that's what people do when they file for bankruptcy. It'll be interesting to see how she behaves next season, as half of her scenes involve shopping and eating out.

In other events, Jacqueline's daughter is moving back home; Caroline gave pep talks to her children; and Danielle got her fourth breast augmentation.

Annie Wersching TERESA (104)

-- Hires Elvira, a bitchy-but-skilled party planner, to handle her housewarming bash (+3)

-- Is late for lunch with the ladies, and to meet with her party planner. Should we even dock her points for tardiness anymore after this week, or just accept it as part of her personality? (-2)

-- Tells Elvira that she does all the cooking, cleaning and child-rearing in her home, to which Elvira replies, "You need live-in help." Hey, at least she's saving money somewhere, and with four kids and a HUGE place, that's a LOT of work (+10)

-- Elvira gives her a bit of grief for not having a swimming pool. Oh sorry, the mansion isn't enough? (-1)

-- Goes shopping at Posche, which is owned by Kim D, a friend of Danielle's (-1)

-- Tries to feel Kim D. out about how friendly she is with Danielle; ends up inviting her to party (+2)

-- Wears skin-tight dress to her party and looks damn good after having recently had a baby (+5)

-- Party is totally awesome (+5)

-- Makes a speech at party, and a drunken Kim D butts in (-1)

-- However, it was funny and Teresa saw it as such (+3)

Net gain/loss: +23

Current total: 127

Annie Wersching DANIELLE (-65)

-- Has botched boobs after three previous breast augmentations (-4)

-- Her doctor brings in a "breast implant specialist" to deal with the operation. We half expect to see Dr. McNamara or Troy from Nip/Tuck, but no such luck (+2)

-- Says her breasts hurt and have scar tissue and don't reach body temperature (-3)

-- Says the operation is necessary, not for aesthetics. If she's really in pain all the time, then we're glad she's getting it done, even if she's not our favorite person (+4)

-- When she's under the knife, the docs say it's one of the most difficult cases they've seen, that she has one of the biggest deformities they've seen. OK, even if it is for aesthetics, we're on board (-2)

-- Danielle's daughters are so sweet and ready to care for mom after surgery. She has to be doing something right to have such amazing, squared-away children (+5)

Net gain/loss: +2

Current total: -63

Annie Wersching JACQUELINE (84)

-- Daughter Ashley comes over for the first time after her fight with Jaqueline on poker night (+2)

-- Ashley apologizes for being a jerk to her mom. Aww, maybe she's growing up a little bit (+3)

-- Ashley wants to move home, which will likely make more work for Jax, but will also make her feel more in tune with her life (+2)

-- Ashley wants to negotiate a curfew. Her suggestion: No curfew (-1)

-- What she gets: 1 a.m. during the week; 2 a.m. on the weekend. She also has to help out around the house and clean her room (+3)

-- Goes shopping with Teresa for post-baby clothes (+2)

-- Kim G. tells Caroline Jacqueline is obsessed with Danielle (-3)

-- Jacqueline sets Kim G. straight at Teresa's party, then stalks away, drink in hand. She's getting more of a backbone this season and we like it (+4)

Net gain/loss: +12

Current total: 96

Annie Wersching CAROLINE (104)

-- Has lunch with Teresa and Jacqueline to debrief about Dina. She sums up the situation by saying that you can never get closure with someone like Danielle (+1)

-- "We all suffer because Dina isn't here." Yes, misery loves company (-2)

-- Visits Daughter Lauren, who is doing really well in cosmetology school (+3)

-- Cries with joy when she sees Lauren doing what she loves (+1)

-- Son Albie got a D+ in a law school class due to his learning disability. He won't be able to stay at that school (-3)

-- Caroline gives him a pep talk, tells him to use this to make him stronger (+5)

-- Cries when he says he feels worthless. Nothing worse than seeing your child sad (-3)

-- Is wearing a Turkish evil eye charm necklace, which is said to ward off evil. Yep, you need it on this show (+4)

-- Has family sushi dinner. It's nice to see Caroline enjoy a scene where nobody mentions Danielle (+3)

-- Looks thin and glamorous at Teresa's party (+2)

-- Breaks up a conversation about Danielle between Ashley and the two Kims. Will everyone please leave Ashley out of this? She's a teenager, and Danielle is looney tunes (+1)

Net gain/loss: +12

Current total: 116


Teresa -- 127

Caroline -- 116

Jacqueline -- 96

Dina -- 95 (Left the show)

Danielle -- (-63)