Character Countdown: The Real Housewives Of New York City Reunion

If there's anything to get emotions running high for The Real Housewives of New York City, it's re-airing all the season three arguments during the reunion show, so that the ridiculousness is fresh in their heads.

And apparently, there are a lot of issues to be worked out (or, rehashed, depending on the situation), because Bravo announced that the reunion would actually span three hour-long episodes.

During the first installment, the real reason for the escalation of Jill and Bethenny's fight was revealed; Alex told why she was free at last; Kelly sputtered some more nonsense; Ramona conveniently forgot her birth date; and LuAnn remained condescending. Sonja was missing, but will be along later.

We only have one suggestion for future reunions: Watch an episode of Judge Judy first. If you want to prove that someone did something to you or sent you an email, bring proof. Because we are tired of hearing, "I don't remember doing that" and "Show me proof." We could save an awful lot of time if people could back up their accusations.

Now, on to the countdown!

Annie WerschingBETHENNY (125)

-- Friendship with Alex still going strong; sticks up for her against Jill (+2)

-- Gets teary-eyed and emotional when she talks about her baby. Seeing the softer side of Bethenny is heartwarming (+5)

-- And did we mention this was filmed 12 days after she gave birth, and that she looks like a sex pot already? Totally not fair to the rest of us new moms, but we're (begrudgingly) very happy for her (+7)

-- A fan wrote in to say that Bethenny going up against Kelly was "like using an AK47 to take out a fly." It was meant as kind of an insult, but Bethenny is clearly the winner in the comparison (+2)

-- After being in tears over her ruined friendship with Jill several times during the season, she pretty much goes off on her. We prefer her taking the high road, but pent-up frustrations will do that to a person (-1)

-- Is not ashamed of taking her pregnancy test for TV, but it IS kind of sad the cameraman knew about the baby before Jason (-2)

Net gain/loss: +13

Current total: 138

Annie Wersching

ALEX (117)

-- Says that speaking her mind during season three has made her feel free (+2)

-- Recognizes that she's not the smoothest speaker and could work on her delivery (+1)

-- Says that when Jill feels threatened or jealous, she fights dirty. Yep, that sounds about right (+3)

-- Calls Jill on running her mouth and stirring the pot in several situations (+1)

-- Promised that Simon would be back in Speedos next season after he loses his quitting smoking weight. Sorry, but that threat is almost enough to make us stop watching (-4)

Net gain/loss: +3

Current total: 120

Annie Wersching LUANN (24)

-- Keeps calling everyone "darling," but cannot veil the contempt in her voice (-3)

-- Says she will never show her bathroom or bedroom on camera because some things should be kept private. Too bad she didn't add her singing to that list (-2)

-- Even though she purports to be on Team Kelly (vs. Bethenny), she insults her by agreeing that she's no mental match for Bethenny (-1)

Net gain/loss: -6

Current total: 18

Annie Wersching KELLY (-46)

-- Scowls at Bethenny when she's talking (-2)

-- Tells Alex to cross her legs to hide her hoo-ha (+3)

-- Accuses Bethenny of planting stories about her and her children in the press, but when pressed about which publication or which stories, she sputters her way around the question (-3)

-- Then says, "I am not going to fight about what the facts are," which is a typical response for Kelly when she's too confused to figure out what's going on (-1)

-- Says the fame from the show "is almost embarrassing." Well, it IS embarrassing when you're Kelly. Or Lindsay Lohan (-2)

Net gain/loss: -5

Current total: -51

Annie Wersching RAMONA (59)

-- Says she received "hundreds and thousands" of tweets and Facebook messages from fans. Hundreds, maybe. But thousands? Really? We doubt it (-2)

-- Would rather be rude and honest than talking behind people's backs. Isn't there a happy medium in there somewhere (-1)

-- She says she doesn't know how old she is, only that she's in her 50s. Come ON (-3)

-- Says she's never had plastic surgery (+2)

-- Won't answer a question about what, if any, injectibles she's used and gets kind of snippy about it. Uh, isn't she the one who got upset when Kelly wouldn't answer Ramona's public queries about breast implants??? (-2)

-- When asked about her runway walk, she laughs and admits to being horrified and looking like a "deer in headlights" (+3)

-- Is very sorry for the horrible things she said to Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge, but is not sorry for calling Kelly stupid. And we're OK with that (+1)

Net gain/loss: -2

Current total: 57

Annie Wersching JILL (-41)

-- Has a big tigress hairdo, but ends up being as weak as a kitten when confronted (-3)

-- When people take her to task, she wilts and apologizes for just about everything. Guess she can only handle warring with people when she's not in a group atmosphere (-2)

-- Says she wasn't calling Alex ugly when she'd said "She has the body of a model, but not the face." Yeah, right (-2)

-- Justifies being mean to Alex without apology because "we are not friends." Forget wanting to be a compassionate person. That would be too ... kind (-1)

-- Admits that she was mean to Ramona at her renewal event to get back at her for her comments at Jill's Kodak event. Two wrongs don't make a right, but it damn sure makes it even (+2)

-- Doesn't like who she was during the show, and seems genuinely upset by her behavior. Or is it just because everyone hates her now? We'll never know, but it seems sincere (+3)

-- "I'm a New York bitch." Admitting it is the first step (+5)

-- We didn't count how many times she apologized to various people for her bad behavior, but it was a LOT. She gets credit for that (+10)

-- Pretends she doesn't remember making phone calls or sending emails to castmates (-3)

-- Allegedly told people not to film with Bethenny, which is really what cemented their huge argument (-2)

-- Storms off stage crying after Bethenny says, "I don't know where to put you in my life" (-4)

Net gain/loss: +1

Current total: (-40)


Bethenny -- 138

Sonja -- 128

Alex -- 120

Ramona -- 57

LuAnn -- 18

Jill -- (-42)

Kelly -- (-51)

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