Lindsay Lohan On Celebrity Apprentice?

Most of the recent Lindsay Lohan headlines have been of a legal nature, so mother/enabler Dina apparently figured this might be a good time to remind people that her daughter still has ambitions to appear before the cameras, even if she has to play herself.

Dina Lohan told Page Six that "friend of the family" Donald Trump has contacted Lindsay about a possible spot in the next Celebrity Apprentice cast. NBC has not yet confirmed anything about next season's cast, although based on recent seasons the show will likely be in production during the fall.

lindsay lohanSee photos of Lindsay Lohan.

Dina was quick to add that Lindsay's busy schedule might not allow her to do The Apprentice, although she always seems to have enough spare time to hit the clubs seven days a week (Lohan's next film, the Robert Rodriguez-directed Machete, comes out later this year, but her other rumored "projects" are in the early planning stages at best).

Is this a good idea for The Apprentice, and for Lohan? As the producers of Ugly Betty or any film she's made since Mean Girls could tell you, there's no real evidence that having Lohan's name attached to a project helps in any way. And going on a reality show might be Lindsay's final admission that her acting career has entered a state of permanent straight-to-DVD hell.

This is leaving aside the spectre of Lohan being in Manhattan for weeks with little to do. Watch out, New York clubgoers and drivers!