Erin And Maks: Are They Or Aren't They?

Rumors that Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were coupling up started to run wild almost from the moment the ESPN reporter began her stint on the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars.

The ex-dance partners were obviously close on the show, but at the rate things are going, they might turn out to be one of those couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z, where they end up getting married with ever officially announcing they were dating.

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Erin and Maks showed up at the CMT Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night, walking the pre-show blue carpet and later presenting an award. But there's still some reluctance to just come out and admit that there's something going on.

When the paparazzi questioned if they were not just co-presenters but also dates, both laughed it off and avoided the issue. But let's be real: if a man and a woman attend a big showbiz function together and they aren't related, they're dating. Dancing With the Stars hasn't spawned a good romance in a while, so we wish them luck.