Real Housewife of New Jersey Files For Bankruptcy

While Danielle was causing drama during filming of The Real Housewives of New Jersey last fall, fellow cast member Teresa Giudice was quietly filing for bankruptcy.

Apparently all those girly shopping sprees and lavish birthday parties finally caught up to her.

On a recent episode, Giudice boasted of spending "too much" on her daughter's 9th birthday party, which involved a limo ride and trip to the spa for a dozen screaming little girls.

Giudice and her husband Joe, who live in a mansion with their four daughters, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in October. She's not the first housewife to have financial troubles -- Atlanta's Lisa Wu Hartwell and NeNe Leakes went bankrupt a couple years ago as well.

Time to ask Bravo for a raise, Teresa!

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